truck-UmvuyoUmvuyo Holdings Group specialises in transportation of foods, fuel, vehicles and so on. We understand the vital importance in ensuring the reliable and affordable flow of food and petroleum. We utilise cutting-edge tankers that are the product of a commitment to safety combined with the power of computer-assisted design.

We cater for land, air and sea transportation. Our system combines volume, experienced employees, and unique software, allowing us to offer advantageous prices while guarantying high-quality service.

Cold Storage
As part of our service offerings Cold Storage has become a major operation. Our Cold Storage is designed for today but with the future in mind, our Cold Store services are based on a comprehensive range of management systems and processes. Transport, Imports, Storage, Exports, Cross Docking, Handling, Break – Bulk Picking, Track & Trace and Blast Freezing.

Our fully equipped facilities are streamlined and efficient, run with operational excellence and driven by ongoing innovation. Stock is controlled with a computerized Warehouse Management System, ensuring traceability of all goods stored.

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