import-export---UmvuyoOur import and export services team navigates the latest regulations, minimizes paperwork, expedites transit, and lowers shipping costs with truly personalized service. Our representatives attend the latest seminars and keep abreast of industry changes. You can be confident that our convenient and reliable export services will help you complete your export shipping with ease. The same goes for our import services, we provide many options suitable to your importing needs.

We offer procurement services, Sourcing Products, Transportation of Goods, General Trade, Import & Export.

We have the proficiency and capability to handle international and local services. International involving imports and exports, Air, sea freight. Local involving domestic air and road.

Time Limit: the goods must, as a general rule, be re-imported within three years from the date of export.

Goods previously imported for a particular purpose: in the case of goods which had originally been imported at a reduced or nil rate of customs duty because of their use for a particular purpose, e.g. end-use, the grant of the relief is subject to their being re-imported for the same purpose.

Same-state goods: normally, goods are not eligible for relief under the re-importation provisions unless they are re-imported in the same state as they were when exported.

Evidence: evidence, must be produced to customs to show that the goods were goods at the time of their export.

Freight Support Benefits:
Personalised service, Cost reduction, No minimum order quantity.

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